Daniel K Schweitzer, born in 1972 in then GDR, started to develop his fascination for photography at the age of 11. His sense of exploration through his photography was enhanced when in 1989, the wall came down. This gave him a new found freedom to explore how people lived outside the Eastern Block. Following his first solo exhibition in 2000, he finished his vocational training as a photographer in 2003, winning First price in 2003 by the German Society for Photography, scoring Honorable Mentions at IPA in 2008 and 2010 in the portraiture section. Since 2010, Daniel K Schweitzer is a member of the publishing agency plainpicture, having his works featured in numerous international publications. He published his monography „Heimat Neustadt“ in 2014.
He has lived and worked in London (2003-2014), Delhi (2017/18) and Beijing (2019-2021).
In this process of documentation he is in constant search of the meaning of home, and the feeling of belonging. This wander on the edge of society also attracts him to people of character, out of the ordinary and bizarreness.